Well the used bookstore finally fixed my credit. I had ten dollars. I had to spend ten though if I wanted to use all my credit which I did minus 50 cents.

I got

Captain America Streets of Poison. A five hundred page book of issues Captain America 372 to 386 and Annuals 9 and 10. It costs $13.95 so had to pay $7.00

Now on clearance. Seriously clearance. The greatest pulp novel series ever, ever, ever. Five books for a dollar each. I paid fifty cents each. Sorry Matt Damon you are so, so wrong its not Jason Bourne who is our James Bond.


It is Mack Bolan aka “The Executioner” aka “The Bastard” (used by the mafia during the War With The Mafia saga) which is books 1 through 37 all wrtten by Don Pendleton except book 13 in late 1960s to the 1970s. Not sure why this saga is not taught in schools. Pendleton defined modern pulp and Bolan is one of the most complex pulp characters written. In some ways this saga I would argue is the American Don Quixote, actually a favorite of Bolans and he talked about it with April Rose. April Rose ended up running with Bolan the Stony Man project in Stony Man Mountains.

I got five books including Murder Island #441 http://mackbolan.com/display.php3?num=2115 Its a description of the novel. At one time mackbolan.com was a fantastic website. One could and still can spend hours reading reviews and descriptions. The reviewers more often then not puts the books in context with other books. Granted post novel 100 which is the end of the Lone Wolf saga. It goes from I think book 65 to 100. After that its all Arm Length stand alone books though some writers refence their previous novels. The only exception are the trilogies.


Now I do have to say I vastly prefer how Bolan looked like in earlier novels. Granted like Batman you always have to update him. He cannot always be a Vietnam soldier. He would be a senior citizen. So they changed the intro from Vietnam to Southeast Asia. I would have kept the original look though (raven back hair, older looking, worn looks). Now he looks like he stepped out of a fashion show.


I cannot be the only reader of these books?