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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Books not to read right now

So a couple weeks ago I finished my book and went to my shelf to find something. Well, knowing that Hulu is releasing the Handmaid’s Tale soon, I decided to re-read that. Ooops... DON’T DO IT. It is scary. I kept having nightmares related to current events leading up to the inauguration. Now I keep thinking the next executive order is going to be that women can’t work and don’t have rights to ownership. I woke up in a sweat this morning thinking I would get to work and be told to go home, I wasn’t allowed to be there. For those that don’t remember the book (spoilers!), there had been many minor things since the Martial Law was enacted (due to the Congress and President being assassinated “by the Islamic terrorists”). Martial Law didn’t end and slowly stuff was changing. The first major change toward the dystopia was all of the women having their bank accounts shut off and being send home from work because they aren’t allowed to work anymore. So anyway, don’t go read that book.

What books or movies have you read or watched at the wrong time?


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