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Welcome To The Bitchery

Books on Intersectional Feminism?

My mom called me yesterday and asked a bunch of things basically about how she can best be anti-racist. I want to get her some books on that/intersectional feminism for Christmas. She’s up to speed on a lot of stuff, but she can get stuck in some of the typical second wave feminism bullshit. Right now she’s having trouble with the idea that centering white people’s emotions isn’t productive or fair when you’re talking about race, and/or that white people can’t expect to be given the benefit of the doubt after fucking up multiple times. Unfortuntely for me it’s been 4 years since I took a feminism class and I’ve only ever read excerpts of bell hooks and Audre Lorde’s books. Right now I’m thinking of getting her Roxane Gay’s “Bad Feminist,” but I’d love to hear suggestions! I’m also thinking of getting the same books for me and turning it to a mini book club.


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