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Books That Make You Smile

To sort of piggyback on croguesberg's good idea that we talk a bit about joyful things today, I would like to know what books make you smile. I know we have a lot of avid readers here in many different genres, and since I mostly don't stray outside of my reading sandbox (fantasy, largely female protag), I want to hear what makes you smile when you're reading.

I love whimsy. I smiled several times reading Erin Morgenstern's description of the circus in The Night Circus. I was reading Little, Big at the wine bar one evening when I was there by myself, and several people asked what I was reading because I was smiling so much at the story. I'm currently reading The Magician's Land, and I was giggling to myself on the train the other day at the following passage:

"The library was still giving trouble: a few books in some of the more obscure corners of the stacks retained some autonomy, dating back to an infamous early experiment with flying books, and lately they'd begun to breed. Shocked undergraduates had stumbled on books in the very act.


Which sounded interesting, but so far the resulting offspring had been either preidctably derivative (in fiction) or stunningly boring (nonfiction); hybrid pairings between fiction and nonfiction were the most vital. The librarian thought their problem was just that the right books weren't breeding with each other and proposed a forced mating program. The library committee had an epic secret meeting about the ethics of literary eugenics which ended in a furious deadlock."

I love Grossman's writing in this trilogy so, so much. I know people hate Quentin (though he seems, at least, to be much, MUCH better in this final book), but the way Grossman writes both a love letter to and a critical take down of Narnia ("Fillory" in these books) just brings me so much joy, since Narnia is still the fictional place I would most love to live. His wit makes me smile when I read his books, and I think that's a rare thing for even an avid reader like me.

So what about you? What books make you outright smile? Not just books that you like, but they bring an actual smile to your face while you're reading them?

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