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Books Where You Hate the Protagonist

Hello Groupthink friends! I came back to work today after being off since Friday the 20th, because I thought I would need two days to catch up with everything, and I'm taking two days off next week because my brother will be in town. However, after two weeks of my absence, I only had 121 emails, and only 7 that required any follow up. Since my firm closes between Christmas and New Year (paid holiday!), this isn't super surprising, but my boss still isn't back, and I'm bored.

So I would like to talk to you about books with unlikeable protagonists. I'm currently reading Crown of Midnight by Sarah Maas (sequel to Throne of Glass), and I absolutely hate the protagonist. She was ok in the first book, if a bit of a Mary Sue, but she's just revolting in the second book. I'm trying to decide if I want to even finish it.


I don't think liking the protagonist is mandatory for enjoying a book, but it certainly helps. What books have you read where the protagonist completely put you off the book? I stopped reading Sara Douglass' series because her protagonists were idiotic and banal, and I was thisclose to giving up on the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning, but the Amazon reviews convinced me that she got better as the books went on (and she did).

Obviously my examples are from fantasy series, but share with me your most hated protagonists. Did they put you off the book completely, or did you soldier through in spite of them?

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