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My confidence has been at an all-time low, ironically, since I defended my dissertation. Some of this is normal - people report that they get depressed after their defenses - and it’s not common to get depressed after any kind of large life accomplishment or positive change. But, it’s interfering with my ability to get things done. For the most part I can act “as if” I am confident, and I get things done. But for various reasons, for the past couple of days, even that has been a struggle. I may try to talk to a couple of my mentors about this next week - but I find it hard to share such things - and academia is a little weird and it can be hard to feel like it is okay to be emotionally honest/vulnerable. So, I’m going to play that by ear.

In the meantime, I wanted to see what y’all do to boost your confidence when you are feeling low. For me, getting things done helps, but in academia - you get things done and then those things get returned to you with critiques all over them - thus it can be a mixed bag. So, I’m looking for ideas. One thing I’ve done this week that has helped is watch videos of interviews with Lin-Manuel Miranda. He is inspiring and comes across as such a gleeful, playful, creative man - it helps me feel better about those parts of me.


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