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Welcome To The Bitchery

My friend and coworker is a Mexican national. Her two sons live in Mexico and sometimes visit. Her eldest son was here just after Cheetoh won and stayed for about three weeks. Just after the travel ban, he was scheduled to come to visit her again. He made it through the Mexican side of the border, but was detained on the U.S. side. It was not just him; a bunch of other folks trying to get through the border were detained. They held him in a cell for 6 hours, interrogated him about his visit, then released him on the Mexico side, but did not return his visa to him.

My boss told one of our customers about it. She has a ton of money and while sitting there, called her friend at the state-level ACLU. Today, coworker and boss followed up with customer, who was calling needing more information for the ACLU. I don’t know how far this is going to go, but it’s important to know that this is happening. He was coming to visit his MOTHER. And he was turned away minus his visa.

This is sh*t is happening.

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