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Bored!! Hive mind skin care?


I'm so borrrrrrrrred!!!! I've been getting obsessively into my nails in the past couple of days, after pretty much a life time of neglect! I've been watching youtube tutorials and did my nails for the first time ever yesterday. This morning I've been tidying them up and putting almond oil on.


But all this got me wondering what your skin care routines are like. I used to have very bad acne when I was younger, which lasted pretty much until my late twenties (THANKS HORMONES). As a result, I've always had quite a strict routine when it comes to my skin, although I chop and change it around.

At the moment I wash my face with Garnier purifying face wash for oily skin, and buff my lips with a soft toothbrush (since they tend to get dry and flaky very quickly). After patting dry I put on Clinique's "All about eyes" eye cream, then use Clinique's "moisture surge" which is a gel moisturiser all over my face. I then put on carmex lip balm, or elizabeth arden 8 hour hydration gel.

In the evenings I do exactly the same thing, but after washing my face I wait until it's dry and then put 5% benzoyl peroxide gel all over my face. When that's dry I move on to the next steps as above.

If I have any spots coming up, I'll put benzoyl peroxide on them sporadically throughout the day to try and get them to dry up.


Now it's winter, I'll be doing a home made face scrub once a week to prevent any dead skin build up and make sure that the BP can sink in properly. I still get spots around my period, and they normally take about a week and a half, maybe two weeks for them to go away. But this probably the best my skin has ever been (TOUCH WOOD) considering that I'm not on any birth control or medication.

Back in the good old days when I was rolling in money, I spend an absolute fortune on a personalised skin care system from an expensive dermatologist brand. Biggest mistake ever. They gave me lots of oil based products on the logic that "oil removes oil". My skin broke out like an absolute bastard after a week and a half, and it took me a long time to get it back into shape. If oil goes anywhere near my face, I break out.

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