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Bored Now. OT, Obv.

Anyone else bored?

Yesterday, I got The Call from my Honda dealer—the parts were finally in to replace the airbag ignitor in my Fit. I’m a reasonably cautious driver, but knowing that there’s a gun aimed at your face is something else. I have been waiting to have this fixed since I bought the thing.

Anyway...I made a 7:30 AM appointment for what should have been a relatively quick procedure. It’s 12:40 PM and I’m still here.


And I am bored out of my skull. The books I’ve been reading lately are not eBooks, and so they’re not available on my notebook. I have cleaned up the desktop. I have rearranged the icons. If this computer were my house, it would be spotless.

So...anyone else out there got the Wednesday Noon, 12:40 pm blues?

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