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Bored Whovians: Let's Fancast the 12th Doctor

I checked through the Doctor Who thread and I couldn't find a post like this, so do forgive me if this is a repeat.

But! Pretending for a moment that you had knocked Moffat off of his throne of lies and sadness and took your place as rightful queen (or King) of all things Who, who would you cast as the next Doctor?


Since I know I can't have my beloved 9 back (sniff), my top choice is:

Ruth Wilson

Extremely talented, beautiful but in a bit of an odd/alien way and just the right Willy Wonka-esque combination of quirky and dangerous, I think Ruth would make an amazing Doctor and it would be interesting to see what they could and would do with the Doctor's first female incarnation. Well, if it wasn't Moffat.

Russell T. Davies once said that if there was to ever be a female Doctor, he'd cast Lesley Sharp in a heartbeat and, though she is absolutely outstanding, he already went and ruined it by casting her in Midnight as the creepy businesswoman.


Fancast away!

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