Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So this is going to be a boring weekend for me. My plans:

  • Today's goal is to finish a paper for Translation that's roughly halfway done. It's basically me expounding an idea I have of translation as being capable of temporal colonialism and rendering the past and past cultures as subaltern.
  • Tomorrow is Spanish exam time. This is based on the Spanish program's MA exams, so that's going to be fun. We did it with the midterms, so I do know I'm capable. Also I don't have to write in Spanish, which is good, because I'm just not at the point of being able to do grad-school level writing in Spanish. Probably never will be. If I start and finish at a reasonable time of day, I will take the time to go back to the translation paper and finish it up if I haven't already.
  • Monday will be the day I revise my medieval drama paper. It's done, but it needs some revision before I turn it in. Should be simple enough.
  • Tuesday will be my day to do final revisions on the translation paper, possibly heading to campus to turn it in if it seems good.
  • Wednesday I grade my students' final speeches and start putting together their final grades for the class. I really liked the class, and most of the students were quite interested. Two have emailed me thanking me for teaching them and telling me they have recommended me to their friends. One shook my hand after our last class and thanked me. Another told me he thought the only thing I could really improve on was my comfort as an instructor, but that'll come with time - for a first-time teacher he said I did really well.
  • Other news today - one of my professors from when I was an undergrad asked me if he could use my translation of the Seafarer in his World Myth class next semester as something of a coda to the Prose Edda.
  • Yesterday I turned in my application for the Translation MFA. I'm officially on track now to be doing an MFA and PhD in tandem. I'm excited, but come Comps and Thesis and Diss I'm expecting to want to go back to when I was 25 and punch myself for being so stupid.

I may have to push Fun with Etymology to Wednesday next week because of all this. You understand.

Hope everyone's having a more exciting weekend that's less filled with horrible boringness. Please share, tell GT about your weekend plans.


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