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Borrowed From BuzzFeed: Beyonce Makes Ms. Cover


This article was posted three days ago on BuzzFeed, it talks about the controversy that occurred when the cover was released. Which of course was the Beyonce as feminist debate. It's an interesting read if only because that debate happens on Jez so frequently.

This excerpt from the BF post sums it up nicely to me:

"Part of our discomfort with Beyoncé’s feminist message may be that we really don’t know that much about her, despite her mega fame and ubiquity. She exacts fierce control over her image and guards the personal details about her life that might clear up some of the questions people have about how much she lives out feminist ideals. But ultimately, that in itself shows just how powerful Beyoncé has become — to be that famous for what she creates rather than any scandals that might have befallen her (and no major ones have)."


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