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I've decided to waste my very first post to tell you all how much I love the new E! series Botched. It stars two Dorky Dads, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, who are also hot-shit Beverly Hills plastic surgeons married to actual Real Housewives (or, in Dr. Nassif's case, previously married). They are cute in a "dad who embarrasses you in front of your friends on his way to play golf" sort of way.

The kicker is that they specialize in fixing the plastic surgery that other surgeons have desperately screwed up. It seems like one of the most difficult specialties for a plastic surgeon and they have some pretty fantastic results. I love these two, because my favorite personal trait is competence, and these guys have it in spades. They have taken a stand against bad plastic surgery/too much plastic surgery and I respect them for that. I think they're pretty great.


Case in point — they responded to this guy:

...like this:


They told him no, they wouldn't do any surgeries on him because they like to focus on fixing botched plastic surgery, and he was too fabulous to need their services. Instead of "OMG no we're not touching that with a 10 foot pole," they let him down easy without hurting his feelings.

Human Ken Doll said that he understood but that their ethics bored him, which I'm pretty sure is a compliment.


They also fixed Janice Dickinson's boobs and Dr. Dubrow handily dealt with her history of pain pill abuse while still adequately managing her post-surgery pain. She cried of happiness instead of screaming wildly at him, which apparently is rare in Janice's world and kind of makes Dr. Dubrow seem like a saint.

Watch Botched, guys!

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