Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Well today we took BF to the vet at Petsmart for his teeth checkup prior to his cleaning. I had GF in the cart, since she has been known to pee at Petsmart (leash plus outside equals peeing to her). We sat down outside the office and she was crying heavily. So I walked her around to distract her. She said hello to other dogs and I could hear BF joining in. So I walked back and my mother said BF was pulling. He wanted to be with GF. So BF is called in to the office, all I heard was him crying. GF looked confused and joined in.

So we went walking in the store, up the aisles and GF said hello to every dog, loudly. So finally my mother and BF came out, she said BF was crying all the time, all the vet did was look into his mouth and vet said the missing tooth looked whole (my mother had the tooth in a plastic ziploc bag). So my mother paid and we left. You would think BF and GF would be happy to see each other again, all GF did was sniff him and that was it. They did both sit on my lap looking outside on the way home.


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