I like reggae music, and Toots of Toots and the Maytals is easily my favorite artist. Songs like Pressure Drop, Pomps and Pride, and 54-46 That's My Number are CLASSIC, and about the best jams you could ever listen to. I was lucky enough to see them perform live two years ago, and trust me when I say that the man is fucking phenomenal. So it was to my deep displeasure that I read about him getting pegged directly in the skull with a glass bottle of vodka.

He's a living legend, okay, and his live performance is so great that I felt honored to see him perform so well. I just cannot fucking believe that someone could see the same show I saw and then choose to blast the man's scalp open. Read the article if you want to be particularly infuriated; I don't even want to get into it right now. Instead, just enjoy the song he was grooving to when he was struck — a cover of John Denver's "Country Roads" adapted to Jamaican life.