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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Bought a Keyboard

So I walked into Guitar Center, fully anticipating just trying out keyboards and walking out, but they had a used one that was actually a good deal! (I think)

It was a Casio CTK-2300 (here on Amazon), for 80 bucks. To be honest, it was the only thing in there that was even in my price range but I had plenty of time while waiting half an hour for someone to be free to help me to look up reviews and expected price and something being used never bothers me. I definitely understood what Shiny Red Robot meant about wanting a more expensive one when I get better after playing around on the expensive ones though, hahah. It sucks, though - because it was just recently sold to them I can't pick it up until the 19th (they have to hold all used goods for 21 days to run police checks for theft), and I'll be out of town by then on break. So I went out of my way to get it before I go home for break, but I can't pick it up until I get back on the 28th. :( They offered to ship it somewhere but shipping it won't let me get it any faster; I don't want it shipped to where I'll be when they release it and shipping it to my apartment when I'm not there would just make things more complicated.


At least on the plus side that gives me plenty of time to look online for the best deals on books and have them shipped so I don't have to buy in-store! I wasn't really willing to give them any more of my money anyway (the time I had to wait to be helped while salespeople were chatting and upselling was really ridiculous), and online will obviously have a better selection. I was all prepared to use the Amazon price of the Alfred's Adult Teaching book to haggle for the 6 dollar difference.

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