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Bounce, not Flounce! (open thread)

Hooo boy Howdy, worky times are heating up (yay!) My head is a swarm of bees & my hands, feet & butt are a’buzzing. I’m gonna be the bull in the china shop for a bit, crashing in & out when time and circumstance permit. Many of you have been there for different reasons lately; LaChategris just this past month, so you know what I’m talking about :) And, Tam Tams, I’ll always know what to do with hard~boiled eggs! (It keeps showing up in the sidebar, even now!)

Here, have some Tulips from my yard. The varmints execute them every year, so this year I brought in the survivors once the mayhem began.


Have a Walligator, too. This is “dog in lap during TV time.” He was just at the back yard fence talking with the 3 boy~persons under the age of 6 that live behind the fence. I gave them a fresh bag of carrots to give their doggy neighbor & picked up various sports balls that got stranded here. Life is exactly right.

What’s going on with you all? See ya from time to time for awhile :)

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