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Bountiful kitchens! (this is not a humblebrag. It's a brag brag.)

I really love this time of year! And I have been so damned productive! I’ve been stuck in a rut of avoidance on my days off all summer, and I’m so sick of not getting anything accomplished, but the pat two weeks have been a different story!

My local farmer’s market is fit to bursting with amazing deals on fruit and vegetable every week, and I have been buying FAAAARRR more than we can eat in a week. Also contributing to the surplus of fruit in my fridge and the dent in my wallet: it’s berry pickin’ time! My favorite blackberry farm had a great yield this year, and I’ve picked about 70 lbs or so that will be turned into pies, jams, and booze.

This week I canned:

24 jars of pickles 8 jars of blackberry/raspberry pie filling 6 jars of peaches 6 jars of plums 12 jars of san marzano tomatoes 10 jars of my own tomato sauce 4 jars of caponata


Has anyone ever tried jarring sauce before? I’m a little nervous, as this is my first attempt. I added citric acid, but I’m just not sure...I’m going raspberry picking on Tuesday, and hopefully I’ll have enough to start making jam!

I also made this from some concord grapes I picked up at the market:

(the post I originally posted this is seems to have poofed, and I am WAY to proud of it to not share it again!)

Who else is canning/harvesting right now? I want to hear about what you’re making!!!

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