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Bounty Ads have Dads

I know that after those adorable Tide ads, we've seen a few more stay-at-home-dads in commercials, but here's another one.

Dad, daughter and baby are all making pancakes, when oh no! Daughter takes the mixer! But never fear, because Dad has the power of.... well, you get the idea.

So hooray for challenging gender norms, one mess at a time? I get that the pancakes they're making are probably for Mom (on her birthday no doubt), but it's always nice to see commercials let dads be dads. If the implication is that both parents are happily involved in their children's lives, that's all right by me. Though is it weird that these types of commercials always seem to feature dads and their young daughters? Is there some sort of special father-daughter bond that suggests "cleanliness" more than a father and son would?


*shrug* Well, I'm not complaining. Now it's time for some more Cheerios and a Kindle or three.

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