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Bowie Lives!

So, we had a lovely stray named Bowie we couldn't take care of (Jagger hated him and his dental bills were estimated to be in the thousands).

We brought him to the MSPCA where because apparently my face says TALK TO ME STRANGERS, a guy who'd abused his pets started sobbing to me. Like all five cats he had were put down and they were discussing doing the same to his dog.


So of course, he's crying, I cry, poor Bowie cries, and then the volunteer comes to take my Bowie. The assessment is okay, but he tells me there's no promises since they're not a no kill shelter.

I call every other day for a few weeks, but either they never pick up their phones or they tell me that they haven't done his intake fully.


No picture yet, but that's him! And the MSPCA has a free adoption weekend so hopefully he'll get his home.


Perhaps a GTer will take him and allow me to trade baked goods for visits?

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