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Bowling On TV Brings Back Memories Does It For Anyone Else?

At my favorite grocery store I walked over and got a 16 ounce plastic bottle of 1 percent chocolate milk and then a Boston Cream Donut. I wanted a marshmallow one but they were out.

So I sat in the cafeteria while my mother was buying other food. I sat in a booth and on the flatscreen tv was ESPN. They were showing Bowling. It was World Series of Bowling. They were using the big balls with holes for their fingers. Two women, sound was in mute and it was too far away to read the closed captioning, were competing. It went down to the last round and one could have won on a strike but she got 9 out of 10.

The cameras panned many times into the audience. Usually for sporting events you have a diverse crowd. Not here. Some children but I would say for adults it was an average of over 45 years, the genders seemed fairly even and all white except for a lone African American male. I don’t know if that was a fluke for this one audience or the norm. I do rememer when WCvB cancelled Candlepin Bowling it was not for a lack of an audience but because “it was too old”.


Anyone from or in New England. I bet you recall WCVB’s Candlepin Bowling with for many decades until the end in 1996 announcer Don Gillis.

Here is a gif from that show. An early Toyota jump.

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