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Boxing Day Groupthink/Crosstalk Open Thread!!

It's Thursday! It's Santa's day of rest! And most importantly, it's time for another open thread!! How are you guys doing? It's Boxing Day here in the UK, a traditional day of celebration where everybody goes temporarily insane and waits in a queue at 4am to save £5 on the crap that no one wanted to buy before Christmas. And I've been sick as a dog for more than a week. But I got some cool gifts (a naughty weekend in Amsterdam, here I come!) and I'm loving not being at work so overall I'm pretty happy. Also, I'm sort of glad to be losing my Christmas moniker - no more GoodTimeWenceslas! - because it made me think too much about King Wenceslas' sex life, which is not something that I really need to be pondering right now when I'm certainly not getting laid while my mom is visiting.

But enough about me! Pull up a chair and tell us your tales of joy/ woe so that we can celebrate/ commiserate (delete as appropriate).

Big thanks to Cheerful_ExGirlfriend for instigating these GT/CT open threads and to Jennifer44416 for last week's special edition! I'm not talented enough to create either a diorama or an awesome poem for you guys, so I hope you'll be mesmerized by this gif instead.


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