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Boy Bullied for Being A Brony Fighting for Life After Suicide Attempt

Michael recently attempted suicide due to the teasing he received for being a fan of the show My Little Pony - aka, a brony. Michael's suicide attempt was halted, but resulted in severe brain damage. He is currently in the hospital's ICU, and has yet to "fully awaken."

You can read about the story here and here. The first article was written by "Star Wars Katie"'s mom and is mostly details about the incident. The second is about Michael, and a celebration of kids that are being their awesome selves.


Every time I read more about this story, the more it makes me cry. This little boy loves MLP, and found a character on a tv show he could associate with. His family seems to be amazing, loving and supportive of their son in every way. But, bullies can be horrible, and now there is an 11 year old boy on life support because some people just can't accept differences in others.

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