Maybe a little more upset than I wanted to.

Really, it was done with good intentions, but basically- he’s away at a conference this weekend with a bunch of people we know mutually. After their work day was done yesterday, he called me and wanted to FaceTime- I assumed he was in his room and getting ready for bed and wanted to say goodnight. It was after 11pm and I already in bed with my PJs on and makeup off. Well, when I accepted the call, I was greeted by the faces of EVERY OTHER PERSON HE IS WORKING WITH, they were all at a restaurant eating a late dinner and he decided to face time me so that some friends of mine that were there could say hello. I was kind of like “oh, whoa, hello everyone, it’s past my bedtime, goodnight” and then hung up the call.

I texted him right after and was like “dude no, it’s late, I’m in bed, I wasn’t expecting to answer that call and see over a dozen people staring me down.” He said he was sorry and I said “please don’t do something like that again without warning me first” he said “okay” and that he hadn’t even considered how late it was. Also, I’d had a few glasses of wine earlier in the night and had already taken my medication so I was sleepy/lulling off and that jolted me awake pretty hard. Then he stepped outside and called me (regular call not FaceTime) so that he could apologize properly.

Anyway. It’s not really a big deal, I think I just wanted to type it all out so I don’t stew on it or anything before I see him later. On one hand it was sort of a goofy dumb thing to do, on the other hand, I’m impressed that he took the time to go outside and tell me he was sorry instead of doing some “god, why do you take things so seriously” kind of thing. Brownie points. I will tell him tonight that I did not mean to jump down his throat about it.