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Boy? Oh boy!

Have you ever dated where it felt so unreal that you suspected it might be something of a dream? Where even the faults seem to make you smile? Where you worry that it might be fragile and pop like a bubble if you admit too much of it. But where, despite any reason, you also feel secure that it won’t?

I’ve been dating this guy for the past few weeks and it’s just.. My mind is blown every time we’re together and at the same time I feel completely at ease. I didn’t know I could feel this happy with a person, while also feeling happy with myself. He’s such a goof but so comfortably himself and everything I do or am just makes him laugh and smile and appreciate me more. I don’t feel the need to rush a thing and there isn’t any pressure to be anyone but who we are. Busy, social, goofy, nerdy. All of it.

The best part is, he just seems to get it. He understands why I find things difficult and scary and he doesn’t push to change any of it. Sometimes it’s like we’re of the same mind. He doesn’t get mad when I shrug after I’ve gotten myself another bruise and don’t remember how. He loves that I’m a silly clutz and still thinks I’m smart and beautiful and amazing. And he’s so respectful. He calls himself a gentleman, which made me recoil at first until I asked him what it meant to him. Which to him meant just being respectful of other people and who they are. And he is. He takes me into consideration, even if I don’t ask him too. And he’s so freaking talented at everything he does. I always tell him that he creates magic (and he does!) and that makes him shy.


We exchanged gifts for christmas. Which is silly to do since we’ve only been dating for a few weeks but we did anyway. We both got gifts from the same store. A live performance of the wall dvd for him, a record for me. Which I am currently listening too. I also drew him a silly picture of a cat which he was absolutely amazed by. Like I made magic for him. Silly person ^^

Tonight he said that he felt like he was falling in love with me (“kind of. a little. maybe. really. a lot. yeah.”). I feel the same way. It makes no sense. I’m such a reserved person usually (so is he) but he makes me feel so safe and it just feel right. So far. I’m scared beyond belief but if all of this goes wrong, it won’t matter. This was worth it. ^^

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