So I'm stressing over what to get my boyfriend for Christmas because I want it to be perfect. His birthday present to me was a record player and a vinyl of one of the albums of a band I absolutely adore, and that was one of the best gifts I've ever gotten. Also, he always treats me to nice dinners and dates, so I owe him so much (just how I feel, not implying that he tells me I owe him). This is the first gift I'll be giving him since we started dating, so I want it to be great.

I was thinking of getting him a sweatshirt from here:… particularly one of the Pokemon ones since he still plays Pokemon games on the Nintendo DS/3DS. Plus he loves sweaters. I don't think it would get here on time, though. And what if he doesn't end up liking th sweater? Gah.

If not the sweater, I was thinking of getting him hand-painted shoes on etsy, but again, that might not come on time.

I was also thinking of getting him the first two albums on vinyl of one of his favorite bands in addition to the sweater or shoes. He has their third album, so I think it would be apt to get him both the others.

Or I could get us concert tickets for something, although I'm not sure of what because I haven't checked out who will be playing in our area yet.


So even though you guys don't know him, do you think any of these are good ideas? Or at they too...materialistic? Also, his birthday is in February, and I don't want to go overboard with presents now and not have a good budget for his birthday gift.