So today, I complained via a text to my boyfriend that I found a possible cavity on a tooth, then found a weird discoloration on the filling site of another, and that another tooth was hurting. I also told him that I generally feel gross and look gross because I broke out with a few zits, have canker sores and a cold sore (which I complained about here last night), etc.

His response? "Aw cutie <3"

THAT'S IT? Dude, I know you're at work, but you're always on your phone anyway. You could've added something else. I don't usually try to complain about my appearance to him because I don't like to get validation from him as a way to boost confidence, but GAH. I was hoping for something more comforting because i really do feel gross right now. That response sucked >.<

Eta: he usually isn't like this, but just venting right now .