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Bra Problems

Ok, denizens of GT. I have two bra problems, one more philosophical in nature, one practical.

Philosophical: For background: I had never experienced pain/discomfort when wearing bras. I've known my real (like actual, definitely real) size for most of my time with large boobs, and I have worn bras that flatter and fit comfortably (although they aren't cheap, sadly). I have two balconette bras that are beautiful and fit me when I first bought them. I gained about 5 pounds (maybe? it could be from something else), and suddenly whenever I tried to lounge in them, they would press into my ribcage and be really uncomfortable. They're really flattering, and comfortable when I'm standing or sitting up straight, but if I hunch or lie on the couch or try to curl up they start hurting. Is there a specific shape I should be looking out for (since it only starts hurting after about half an hour I can't spot these in the store)? Are they the wrong size? Or do I need to give up on balconettes (that would be sad. They make my boobs look awesome)?


Practical: Does anyone know a way to save a bra when the edge of the cup does that annoying thing where it curls away from your boob and makes a line on your shirt? I had this happen to a couple bras I machine washed, so I started hand washing unless I was at my parents where I know the machine won't kill my bras. But it killed this one, which was expensive (of course) and I'd only worn it for about a month. I'd love to be able to save it.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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