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Bra revelation/help

I need bra help...though this time it is of a slightly different sort than usual. I recently bought this bra. It is an unpadded, unlined, and lace top. I bought it mostly as a "sexy" bra, but find myself wearing it all the time. I like the fact that it lets my boobs be mostly their natural shape instead of whatever shape the cup manufacturer wants them to be. And because it doesn't have the padding all over, they actually look smaller in it.

The problem is, it is black and lace, so I'm limited to what I can wear it under. What search terms should I use to look for bras that are similar, but maybe less lace. I know if I had smaller boobs, I could go to Target or somewhere like that and get them in a jersey type material, but I just can't seem to find that in my size (34Gish). It also seems hard to find them in balconette, which is definitely the cup type my boobs fit best in. I've also found that 4-part cup construction is best, though I'd be willing to look at some seamless, they just tend not to have the support needed. Any suggestions of good brands? I almost exclusively buy Panache, and it took me so long to find them, I'm a little hesitant about leaving them.


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