I desperately need new bras. Mine are sad creatures; worn, tired, fraying on the straps, and with underwire starting to poke out. But I hate going bra shopping SO MUCH that I will wear them until they fall apart on my body.

I am one of the hard to fit people. I can't actually find something that fits me in any regular bra-having store. No, I have to go to "specialty" stores, where the salesladies don't believe you when you tell them your size, then want to hand you monstrosities that cost over $100 each, then poke you in the boobs and note that it doesn't fit. No shit, lady. Then you get the patronizing look, followed by the "I don't think we carry anything in that cup size with that band size" line. This spares me from having to do any more crying in the dressing room, but does not get me a bra.

So, I started ordering bras online. This was also less than successful. It seems there isn't a lot of agreement between manufactures on what actually constitues a certain cup size. Oh, and they're also crazy expensive. These things last a YEAR. Why do they cost $200?!