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Bra sizing

With the host of bra fitting articles being posted (the bramageddon? brapocalype?) I wanted to get sized. Turns out I'm not a 34 B but a 32DD or a 34C if the former isn't available. Who'da thunk?

Soma is where I went to get sized and the lady who did it was really good! Unlike VS where I was given a box of bras and told to select the one that fit best. Reddit's ABraThatFits is also pretty neat. They have a measurement chart and a calculator to help figure out bra size. The calculator gives UK measurements but there's a US chart on the same page.



PS: A bunch of people mentioned in yesterday's Jez open thread that Nordstrom also does fittings.

PPS: Soma has a 2 for 59$ sale going on and you get a pair of no panty line underpants for 6$ with a purchase. They lady said if you wanted 3 bras the third would be at the sale price (~30$).

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