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Inspired by Hello My Lover's post about Louisiana trying to make the bible their state book, what does your state have that you are really proud of?

California's state fossil is the Saber Tooth Tiger, state flower is the beautiful California poppy. But my favorite state whatever has to be the state tree, the Redwood tree.


The Redwoods are the largest trees on earth and among the oldest, living thousands of years. They are actually the tallest organism possible on Earth, given our gravity, with their vessels transporting a single water molecule to the top of the tree. The outside bark of the tree is fire resistant, and the wood is remarkably resistant to disease and parasites (gardeners line gardens with Redwood mulch to prevent slugs from entering). They are also basically immortal. Cut down a Redwood and its roots will shoot up daughter trees with its remaining energy, the daughters sharing the same massive root structure as their mother. Walking through a Redwood forest, you will find a stump the size of a small house with a ring of trees around it. Eventually, one daughter will out grow the others and become another massive tree.

My childhood home was in the middle of a Redwood forest. None of the truly huge trees remained, but their stumps did. Because the wood is so resistant to rot and fire, the stumps last hundreds of years and formed large hollows that I pretended were a network of castles in the woods. Early settlers called them "goose pens" because they could keep livestock in them with a little bit of fence.

Please tell me about the state whatever you are really passionate about.

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