I am not in the slightest bit ashamed to brag to you all about the amazing birthday I had two days ago! This is why I haven't been online since the 3rd - my lovely boyfriend took me to the seaside for my 21st! I am now old enough to drink in America if I ever actually get to go, and I got to pretend I was a Victorian in a fancy hotel with a gorgeous sea view.

And it was actually nice weather! In England! I think some of my friends are a little put out that I didn't have a big party and drink myself to sleep, but I got to go to the aquarium and see a baby seal instead, so I think I win. Also, I will do the drinking on Tuesday.

Anyway. I could pretend this was a post about how having a holiday in the UK in winter can be awesome and Brits should support the nation's tourism industry particularly in small seaside towns.......... but I actually just really enjoying bragging.