Brain Candy: Root Beer Float Puzzle, Because Wednesday

Welcome back to Brain Candy! Today’s puzzle is from the 2005 College Puzzle Challenge. I didn’t know about this Puzzle Challenge when I was in College. Actually, I didn’t know about this Puzzle Challenge until last night (h/t r/puzzles). This is the tragedy of my life. (Yesterday, the tragedy of my life was having to wait 1 minute and 27 seconds for the office microwave.)

I am presenting this puzzle without comment, since that’s how it’s presented in the Challenge, but I’ll be in the comments if you want guidance.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Literary stamps and wild runs in imagination are all that allow us to picture this artificial mountain towering high above, covered in foliage from top to bottom. The gardens were supported in the dry desert by irrigating water from the city below, carrying it up from below, likely by using an Archimedes screw or other similar mechanism. What exactly the Gardens looked like and how they worked will, however, likely never be known.

*Beware of the comments, there be spoilers*