I am sitting here, composing an email, and I have completely and utterly forgotten a word. Not with my normal spoonerism/malapropism tendencies, and not even in light confusion, I mean I have absolutely no idea how to write the word "exspensives." See? Not a word. I also cannot remember how to pronounce it, therefore I'm incapable of sounding it out. I have yet to consult a dictionary out of complete awe over whatever is happening in my brain right now. I do remember that something that costs a lot is "expensive," and the word I'm thinking of is a plural nouns meaning a group of things you gotta pay for. But the actual word? No idea. I've so far come up with: "expensives," "exspensives," "exspensizes," "exspensices," "expensces." I'm aware that none of these are real words and look absurd. BRAIN, come on!

(I looked it up—the real word is (this seems so obvious now) "expenses.")