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Brain Fog is a Bitch

I'm feeling so stupid right now. I have officially taken the award for the ultimate space cadet.

All I wanted to do was make some Bagel Bites. But nope, my thyroid threw a wrench in that plan.

I take them out of the freezer, and start putting them on the tray. Mr. L comes in and says "Don't forget to take the pans out of the oven before pre-heating it". Thanks, captain obvious. Open the oven, take out four pans, close it up, and go about my business for a good 6 minutes. Pre-heat. I forgot to even turn the god damn oven on. Feel pretty stupid.


Turn the oven on, set my timer, and go about my business. Couple minutes in Mr. L starts smelling the air and says "What are you burning!?". Fuck. Guess I didn't manage to get all the pans out of there after all.

The house smells like shit. I feel like a complete idiot. All I want is my Bagel Bites. Ugh.

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