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Brain Melting Syndrome

How do you know you're suffering from brain melting syndrome?

Do you sit behind your computer at work and just stare a bit too often for comfort?


When you colleague asks you that one question you obviously know the answer to, do you need a few seconds to boot up and remember what the hell they are talking about? Maybe even check that one post-it or open your moleskin that you jotted down your checklist in to find out which boxes you'd checked yet?


Do you vaguely remember a time when you could actually fill many hours with some type of work and be productive? Only to find yourself thinking about how you are going to get through your day now?

Are there points in your week, or even day (let's be honest here, it's several times a day, every day) where you longingly think of your bed? Or know with some kind of certainty that if you blink too long, you might fall asleep?


Does this sound like you? Accept the sad disappointment because You might be suffering from brain melting syndrome. Talk to your local brain melting specialist for advice on how to survive and thrive on your newfound illness


Seriously though, I was once productive sometimes and had my shit together. Why did I lose it once I got a job that is literally just having your shit together for everyone. I will never be a proper member of the workforce if I keep this shit up.

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