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Welcome To The Bitchery

Brains are COOL, guys!

So Jez just mainpaged this article and I have a few thoughts:


- Don't read the comments, they will give you a headache, I promise

- This is really cool because it studies the developing brain!...

-...but your brain doesn't stop developing until you're 24 or 25... so we don't have the full picture yet


- behavioural differences between the sexes found in an earlier study that fueled this research were found to be greatest between the ages of 12 and 14... which should probably give pause to the sexists out there screaming for hell and high water that they've been proven right by science.

-This could be really good for neurological disease research!

-We shouldn't forget that bias exists even in the scientific community

"It's quite striking how complementary the brains of women and men really are," said Dr. Ruben Gur. "Detailed connectome maps of the brain will ... help us better understand the differences between how men and women think..."


-Overall: YAY science!

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