Lifted from a comment on Gawker, a really excellent piece on the hypocrisy and irrationality of Woody Allen's (and his myriad defenders) claims that he was an excellent father and that his (sorry, "those") children have been brainwashed into believing differently:

Brainwashing Woody

A particularly incisive quote:

Our choices are simple: we can either accept that everyone in this case—Moses, Dylan, Ronan, Mia, Soon-Yi, and Woody—are of sound mind and able to speak competently about what they know to be true, OR we can decide that Mia and Woody are masterminds who use their children and the press as pawns and puppets. What we can't do, as a culture, is unthinkingly accept Allen's premise that only Mia is capable of being manipulative, that only Mia uses powerful magic to make all her children (including Satchel when he was a subverbal infant) hate the other side. What we can't do as a culture is scrutinize the testimony of a seven-year-old for minor inconsistencies while a rich and powerful man who admits to an organized pattern of lying over a period of six months and routinely contradicts himself—on the record, no less—goes unexamined.