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I want to buy...a colorful wig. To just wear casually every once in a while.

I'm a little hesitant because a) I have long, thick hair (even though I'm cutting to a bob in the next few weeks) and b) I'm afraid I'll be too self-conscious to just wear it as an accessory. But I think I might take the plunge and buy one this weekend. But I'm torn on which one.

Option A: this style.


Pros: I could pick a more normal-ish color that's still out of what my hair is usually, like the burgundy pictured here, to make me feel more comfortable and less out there to ease me into this idea of mine. Also I think the red and white one would look stellar with Christmas coming up.

Cons: I'm not that impressed with the color selections.

Option B: this style.

Pros: I love how many colors there are, there are almost too many to decide from - I like blue but also purple and pink and various shades of green. Slightly cheaper than the other store.

Cons: I know if I pick from these wigs I'll pick one that's interestingly colored enough to attract attention and I'm a little nervous that I won't be confident enough to attract attention in a wig. I dyed my hair green once before, but I feel like it'll be different when it's not real hair.


When I ask Boyrax he just says "I see" and "I don't know, it's your decision" and I'm a little hesitant and second-guessing myself on if I even want to spend 40 bucks and if it's a cute idea and if so what style I should get. Everyone else is unhelpful so help me, GT!

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