I know, I know, pube debates are pretty dull and yet somehow vicious as well, but I have GOT to share this with you guys.

So, housemate S has just got an at-home laser hair removal kit thingy, and she is currently trying it out for the first time on her legs. Me and C were with her chatting about it and watching out of curiosity because I hate shaving my legs and want to steal it. C was asking questions about where you could use it.

S and I both agreed that we'd only want permanent hair removal on our legs and maybe underarms, because you don't know how much fashion changes and other reasons that we weren't particularly keen to go into with C.

And then this...

C: But it would be so useful for pregnancy and childbirth.

S: I don't think hospitals need you to do that anymore.

C: Oh I don't mean that, I mean K seeing it.

Me: I... what? But there'll be a baby coming out of there. I don't think a bit of hair matters.


C: Ooh no, I couldn't stand the indignity. And obviously when you're that heavily pregnant it would be hard to shave completely down there, I might miss some stubble or something. When I have the money I think I'll get it all lasered off down there.

HAHAHAHAHA she thinks childbirth is going to be dignified!