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Bras are a pain in my ass

I think that around here most of us are aware of proper bra sizing and what it ends up meaning for our damn bank accounts.

My first real fitting was at Nordstrom when I was pregnant with my second kiddo. Since then, I've ranged from 34 to 30 in band size and between G and F in cup size. Right now, I'm sitting at a 30FF and it's a size that's fucking difficult to find and even harder to find on sale. I've spent the past month or so lurking in Nordstrom Rack, on Zulily, and on Amazon, trying to figure out the most frugal way to get a few new bras since I'm relying heavily on the molded shape of my old ones to look like I'm wearing a bra that isn't too big. Rack hardly ever has this size (at least the one by me), and buying online is so hit-and-miss. I ordered 3 Panache bras from Zulily today and I'm hoping they're a good fit and shape. Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease.

Of my old bras, I have one that I've only worn a couple times because it just doesn't work for my shape. If any of you know how the Cleo by Panache Jude fits you, wear it in 32FF, and like pink, I'm willing to send this thing to you for free. It has a couple little cat snags on the cups because the cat is an asshole who thinks my bras are toys, but they don't show under clothes or anything and the bra is in good shape.


I also have a Panache Porcelain Viva in 34G (beige) that was sent to my by another GTer. This one is slightly more loved, but still in really good shape. I love it so much and I'm trying to get one in my new size. It gives the best shape I've ever experienced under clothing. It's soft and all day comfy and has a few little details that make it a nicer than average daily wear bra. Also just looking to pass the love on with this one, free of charge.

I suck at Kinja, so the photos are in the wrong order. If anyone else wants to offload bras in this post, please do!

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