Can we talk about bras for a minute? Because I just had my mind blown.

I've known for quite a while that my bras fit incorrectly. However, like most women, I just snatch whatever off the rack that looks like it might work and deal with the occasional discomfort that might arise. You know, straps that only either fall down or dig in (no middle ground) or a band that itches or cups that runneth over.

Tonight, in a fit of insomnia (or maybe insanity? Insomnianity?) I decided to dig up my sewing measuring tape and see what size I actually am, figure it'd be close to what I'm wearing and maybe just a tweak.


I used both methods for measuring my bewbs from this site:….

Guys. Oh man.

So I've been wearing 38D for a few years now.

I apparently should've been wearing a 34 or 36 DDDD. AKA an F. I'm just...whoa. Like I can't even wrap my mind around that. Pretty's got some big ole jigglies now.


Any suggestions for sites or stores that carry bras big enough to house a large family of squirrels? Unfortunately, the Lane Bryant near me closed a few years ago, so that's out. I'd like stuff that won't break the bank, and is at least a little cute, but I'm willing to save up as I can and spend some decent money on a quality brasierre, too.


I also also know it tends to be super hard to find decent bras above the standard A/B/C/D sizes so this...this should be a hoot.