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UPDATE: because I know you’ve all been on tenterhooks wondering how I’ll spend my evening. Mr Always Reliable just called and was like “Wait, the Gala you get tickets to every year and you forgot about it? And now you want me to put on a suit and pretend to like fashion? You are a terrible socialite. Can’t we just stay in and make garlic bread?”

I AM TERRIBLE SOCIALITE. And I’m not going to this shindig alone, so there ya go!

(The dumb guy probably would have been willing to go, right?)

You guys, it is STILL SNOWING. After several days of 65 degree weather, we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming. Temps in the 20's and 3-5 inches of snowfall through the day. I have a giant pot of red sauce simmering on the stove, and like, a million things I’ve been meaning to watch in my Netflix queue.
And I don’t even have to get up early tomorrow!



I have tickets to a benefit gala/fashion show tonight. The tickets didn’t cost me anything, because I’m a donor for the organization, so I wouldn’t be out any money if I didn’t show. But my company is one of the participant sponsors of the fashion show, so I really should go. Which means I need to do my hair and figure out something to wear. In the snow. While still looking like an alleged fashionista.

And while I always have a standby date (Mr Always Reliable) there’s a guy at my volunteer job that I’ve been mutually flirting with, and now I’m mad that I didn’t think about this stupid benefit when I saw him on Tuesday. {And this should be a separate post, but I usually don’t hash out my personal life online...this guy is adorable, funny, and kind. And also a little bit dumb. So I’m even angrier at myself for being attracted to an idiot.}


What should I dooooooo????

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