If you happen to watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta, you’re about to this dude i know an interesting change in the show.

Nene Leakes quit RHOA at the end of whatever current season to pursue bigger, more grown up things. So, what does Bravo do when their biggest shade thrower leaves shop? They join in on the current media craze!

The next season will see a trans woman replace Nene Leakes. While not really big shoes to fill, I’m not sure this is as positive as everyone thinks it is.

Right now, being trans is *the* social trend. As soon as Caitlyn Jenner came out, it seemed every network dived hard into getting something on the air starring a trans person. Some of these shows have little reason to actually exist outside of the fact that they feature a trans person. Some of them (like “I Am Cait” or even that “Growing Up Trans” special) are powerful, paint a real picture of trans life, and do not seem like desperate money grabs at a current trend. We need more shows like this. “Even Orange is the New Black” and “Transparent” keep their trans themes incredibly unashamedly real.


Adding a trans person to RHOA? Is this the best idea ever? This is effectively like casting a trans person for a season of Jersey Shore. Not only will this support trans stereotypes, but also further support the idea that trans people should look like cis supermodels.

If you’ve watched any Real Housewives show, you’re also aware of the content they typically have. Lots of insults, lots of really inappropriate behaviour, lots of narcissism, hatred, behind the scenes scripting, I could go on...Sometimes you can’t even tell if the people are actually like that for real, or if the directors told them “yeah, we need extra drama, act freaking crazy”...


Now toss in the very important social issues involving trans people right now. I don’t see this going well...


Also: Thank you for your responses in my previous thread. It’s been scrubbed. I feel so much better. I really cannot say how much your support means to me. Internet strangers or not, you all rock. ♥