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Might as well have a place to talk about the opening game.

That's... Well, not an auspicious start for Brazil here. 10 minutes in and all. Own goal by Marcelo.

17 minutes in now and Brazil's had good control of the ball but no luck. Croatia almost had another one - Brazil's defense is a bit porous today.


21 minutes now and Brazil's offense seems to be getting underway. Rapidly racking up the shots, Croatia's keeper doing his job though.

26 minutes in Neymar gets a yellow card - looks like he threw a forearm chop at neck of the Croatian player, who dropped to the ground like a sack of bricks (man, the flopping never gets old).

Neymar ties it up in the 29th minute, though, with a really nice goal. 1-1 now.

Hot damn Hulk is, well, hulking.

Brazil pressing the attack the past several minutes. Croatia with the ball again, for now.


Free kick for Brazil, right outside the box. it's Neymar again. Hits the wall for a corner. 42nd minute, so coming up on the half now.

Short corner, doesn't work out. Croatia's ball after an offside call.

At half time. 1-1. Croatia seems like they can play, but they're not finishing anything. Brazil, after some initial stumbling, seems to have figured themselves out and are working pretty well against Croatia now. Well, the opening game has certainly been pretty interesting so far.


Pretty tepid first minutes of the second half. I don't know, I was expecting each team to want to try and make a really strong opening to the half.

51st minute and another free kick in the general vicinity of the Croatian box. No dice, and Croatia almost made good with it before giving up the ball, though now they have a free kick to get it out of their half.


And Brazil looked like they were making the half interesting, up until they needlessly rocketed a pass and gave up that opportunity. Free kick to Brazil for a foul on Marcelo, though.

Brozovic coming in for Kovacic on the Croatian side. We might see Croatia, at least, get a little invigorated by this.


And Paulinho our for Hernanes on Brazil's end. 63 minutes in, and the second half hasn't had much life to it yet.

And Corluka takes a yellow card not far out of the box. Free kick to Brazil. But it goes high. No luck for Brazil there.


Brazil subs out Hulk for Bernard.

And Lovren gets a yellow card and gives up a penalty to Brazil all because the referee completely misread the whole situation. He did nothing.


Neymar makes the penalty, but damn, that was a complete bullshit call to give the penalty at all. 2-1 Brazil. We have goal line technology, but maybe we should look at getting referees who don't just make stuff up out of whole cloth.

Now that Brazil's in a winning position they're really pressing the attack now.

Brazilian header goes wide. Croatia needs to get in the game if they want to get anything out of this match.


Jelavic out for Rebic. And Croatia very nearly had a chance.

Croatia loses another shot when the referee calls a foul right before a scoring opportunity. Didn't look like much of a foul, though. And with 5 minutes left Brazil looks like a lock to win thanks to a shitty referee who has no business on the pitch.


Yellow card to Luis Gustavo.

And Neymar is out for Ramires.

Oscar scores for Brazil, and that's it. We're done.

Story of the match: Brazil own-goals, final score Brazil 3, Croatia 1, bad refereeing the winner of the match.

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