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Brazilian Institute Issues Corrections to Violence Against Women Survey

UPDATE: IPEA, the Brazilian research institute in charge of this study issued a correction to 2 of the more compelling results. Instead of 65% of people agreeing that women who wear revealing clothing deserve to be assaulted, the true number was 26%. The 65% should have been attributed to the statement that women who stay in abusive relationships enjoy getting abused. To me, that's still shocking and worthy of concern. There was one other mistake in the matter of privacy between couples.

Despite these corrections, the authors maintained one of their most surprising results: that over 58% reported that if women knew how to behave better, there would be less rape. I am glad that they have come forward with this correction, but it changes very little of the original results. The announcement of the mistake sparked outrage at the because of how the main correction was for the most publicized result. MRAs are now coming out in droves to criticize the validity of the whole survey and subsequently of the feminist movement entirely (I also got an oh-so-nice comment on the original post about how Brazil was a corrupt banana republic, so of course they posted the results wrong on purpose. Any further comments of that nature will be dismissed without question. You can disagree with my understanding of the issue and the corrections, but you don't get to insult my country).


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