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BRB Buying a printer and all the white makeup!

Remember Grace Choi, who pretty much rocked the tech and beauty world with the Mink 3D makeup printer ? Well she's decided that instead of selling her idea to venture capitalists, she wants to start a full on beauty revolution. She's teaching people how to hack cheap HP printers and create their own 3D makeup printers instead!


All you will need is a color printer, white makeup, vegetable based ink, a photo editing tool, and some basic household tools. Full instructions on how to hack a printer and make your own makeup are here.

It's pretty ingenious to only have the color deposit on the surface, so you can scrape off the top layer when you're done and start all over again. And in the name of not putting out a faulty product, she is taking time bringing the product to the masses by teaching people about how to utilize it first. By the time the commercial Mink printer comes out, we may be well past novelty and fully know what to expect when it comes home.

I'm really tempted to try this myself!

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