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Welcome To The Bitchery
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BRCA Genetic Testing, Fuck Myriad Genetics

Hey friends, I know it's been a while but I need the Hivemind and I miss you all quite a lot!

I've got to have the BRCA 1&2 testing done before I move, and it looks like I'll have to pay out of pocket. Does anyone know of any of labs OTHER than Myriad Genetics that can perform the testing for me? I have to pay out of pocket since my insurance won't pick up any of the tab (despite me being in the "high risk" category) so I don't care where it's done. But I would honestly rather cut off both arms than give Myriad any more money.


I'm going to start cold-calling places tomorrow (UCSF and Stanford are at the top of my list, but only because I know people who've been treated there) but I could use any help you guys have. Please please please and thank you!!!!


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