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Break before writing

I'm about to dive into writing a serious essay about rape culture in India, so I wanted to take this opportunity before I do that to post about something frivolous. Thus I'm going to write about boys again, and alternate between squee-ing and asking for some feedback.

I met a cute guy this weekend at a volunteer event I was at. This is especially noteworthy because said volunteer work is super important to me- it's for an emotional intelligence seminar I went through 4 years ago that helped me kick through some very serious depression. I'm really passionate about the organization because of what it gave me, and it's hard to explain to people on the outside, so I've been secretly hoping I'd meet/connect with someone through there. And voila! Anyway. We got to talking while at dinner on Saturday and I mentioned that one of my classmates from the program lives in Austin with her husband, and I go down there a few times a year to visit them. Cute Guy said he lives down there and has been looking for people to hang with in the area who are into this program (which is difficult since it's Dallas based, everyone involved is mainly up here.) He then asked if I would like to hang out sometime when I go down there next, so I THEN told him that I'm considering going down there for Thanksgiving (I really need a break from my family this year.) and whaddya know, he is staying in town for turkey day. So he asked for my number so we can meet up, (the exact words were "maybe I can hang with you and your friends and get to know them, then you and I can go on an adventure somewhere in the city if you want.") and I gave it to him on a piece of paper, but forgot to ask for his as we were being shuffled out the door to go back to work.


Anyway, he was pretty flirty/teasing me in a good natured way at dinner, offered to share his food with me, and I got The Pants Feelings when I looked into his eyes. You know what I'm talking about. We were really busy on Sunday but I talked with him a little bit more and he gave me a good hug when he left, and squeezed my arm in that...way. You know the way. I haven't heard anything from him yet, but it's only been a day and I know he had a long drive plus he had to work today.

Eeeeeeee. So...what do you guys think? I don't have his number, but I found him on facebook (creep status over here.) should I add him? Does this interaction read as "romantic interest" or just "I'm looking for friends." I am thinking definitely romantic, but, who knows.

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